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Asi Shnabel CMT

I am a state-certified CMT, a Healer and an expert & Instructor in SHIATSU-ANMA massage therapy (a Japanese healing art that combines Shiatsu Acupressure therapy with Anma traditional Japanese massage therapy and helps to promote the natural healing power: “KI” flowing throughout our body). I have over 23 years of expertise, including treating clients and instructing in several professional schools of massage & bodywork. My vast background in Martial arts (mostly Aikido) had contributed to my unique hands-on skill and practical understanding of Oriental Medicine and Health, body and mind.

I have, for many years, great affection for Traditional Japanese culture & philosophy. I am deeply affected by its elegancy, beauty and power. This inspiration has contributed fo r the development of my unique style and belief, both in the healing arts and martial arts. Practicing those arts had changed my life and made me a stronger & healthier person.

My unique style: In My sessions I have developed a great level of sensitivity and intuition guided by an amazing principle which I name “The Diaphragm principle”: Any pressure technique is meant to evoke a breathing reflex by the Diaphragm so to start a natural corrective process. This principle is very simple, yet most accurate & effective. It helped me gain incredible results over the years!

I would like to consider my prospect clients as students who seek to learn their body’s healing potential through the business variety of services and take part in improving it.

I specialize in the following health conditions:

  • Chronic stress/pain management , migraines/headaches

  • Limited range of Motion , minor inflammations

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome , sports injuries

  • Cold or Flu attacks (helping in alleviating symptoms)

  • Temporary loss of voice

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Bladder issues/ Incontinence

  • Minor allergic reactions (Stress based)

  • Irritated bowel (upset stomach) syndrome/temporary constipation

  • Relieving menstrual pain

  • Relieving shortness of breath (Asthma), anxiety (stress) attacks

  • Supporting/improving Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments

  • Supporting maintenance sessions in cases of: “PARKINSON” (Dementia), Cerebral-Palsy, oncology (cancer) and more

If you’re suffering from one or more of these conditions, Shiatsu-Anma therapy can very much be of help. Please contact me for further information via phone or Email.



Los Angeles, CA

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