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Graduating the Shiatsu Massage School of California (Nov 1996):
Mr. Shnabel is a dedicated student and has exhibited a high quality of professionalism in class. His grades and reviews have been outstanding.

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His knowledge and talent were most evident juring our intern clinic where he practiced Shiatsu on our clients.Asaf was often requested by many of our long-time clients. Clients participating in the intern clinic are asked to write an evaluation of the Shiatsu treatment and to rate the intern.Those worked on by Mr. Shnabel consistently rated him as superior- our highest category, indicating that he was a true tallent with strengths in personality and professionalism.

Our school has selected Mr. Shnabel to become a member of the Shiatsu Massage School Alumni, an honor given to the students with a desire to remain active in the school after his graduation. His knowledge can than be enjoyed by future students and present Alumni

members during our quarterly meetings. We consider Asi to be an outstanding graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California.

Thank you, Dr. Doann T. Kaneko.


I would like to bless you for your work as a Shiatsu Therapist.The treatments were very effective for body & mind. Every point that was pressed healed.

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Asi, not only the treatment helped, but also the conversations with you about life contributed a lot to me.Nowadays, long after the treatments, I still remember every advice you gave.

You have instructed me and made me open myself to new possibilities in several fields of life.Bless you for your deed!
Wishing you success where ever you turn from the bottom of my heart.

I. ANTIAN- Israel, 2004



Lots of thanks for the many years you served as a part of "MACABI TIVEI" team, for your dedication and professional contribution. Wishing you success on your way.

From all of "MACABI TIVI" team Holon Branch, 2006


I wish to give my first-hand recommendation on behalf of Mr. Asaf (Asi) Shnabel. Being a professional myself for 44 years who taught many students for over 30 years, specializing in Spinal & Joints therapy with a holistic approach, I experienced Mr. Shnabel’s hands once weekly for the past 3 years. I enjoyed his approach as well as his attitude and detection of bodily matters confronted him...

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He is also devoted to Aikido practice and is loved and admired by his students whom he instructed.

His touch is safe, delicate and yet firm. He has a good observation of things. He also keeps positive relationships with his patients and with colleagues.
Please feel free to contact me for further information and/or evaluation.

Dr. Conley Atalya,- CCAM PhD, MCSP, MT, PE.T. 2011


This letter is to endorse Mr. Shnabel as a proficient and dedicated Shiatsu specialist. I have been personally treated by Mr. Shnabel and, in my profesional opinion have found the sessions very effective.

Numerous former patients of mine have also assessed Mr Shnabel favourably and recommended him to me after undergoing extensive course of treatment. Indeed in my follow-up evaluation of them I have observed significant improvement as a result of his care.

Shmuel T. (PT, PhD) - Israel, Nov 2011


To Asi:

Thank you very much for the dedicated treatment and for your listening heart throughout a long period of time, through better times and also hard ones (in my concern). I wish you lots of success and happiness in your new way, inthe new place you are going to.

Dror, Israel 2012


Hi Asi,

I was thinking about sending you a note.
My arm is holding the improvements well, so I am able to work more again. I am also stretching my neck every day and being much more careful about my posture, which helps my neck and back. So, many thanks for the work you did, and the suggestions you made.

Happy holidays!
Pat, California 2016

Additional referrals will be added in the future...


Los Angeles, CA

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