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Learning Shiatsu


Throughout my years of practice in both healing and martial arts I noticed many people around me lack awareness and confidence in their own bodies, a thing that often results in constant tension buildup, reduced health, feeling helpless against problems & health issues, and misery.

The general public looks for any casual relief like meds (toxins), casual massage & bodywork (only temporary relief) and more. I found that most individuals who seek “to be fixed” somehow never cure their problems permanently or completely, just living “in between reliefs”. Shiatsu-Anma-Do is a way of practice that provides an active constant role in improving our health, that is extreemly affordable and enjoyable!

Practicing Shiatsu-Anma on myself regularly and helping my family & friends had greatly improved my physical condition, health, recovery rate, confidence in my body, relashions with loved ones, and my skill as a therapist. I wish to share that gift with the world!

My dream is to establish an institute focusing on Shiatsu-Anma practice as educational forms of health & body-mind awareness to the public!

Practitioners will get to practice regularly and learn basic acupressure skills and boost their health, better understand their bodies, alleviate many common ailments with points pressure, increase their metabolism and more. Higher levels of practice will be provided in the future for selected members based on their mastery of the basic level. The practice is open to the wide public and is very affordable. The idea is to provide a “Dojo” style training so to help adopt Shiatsu-Anma as a way of life in a simplified, practical and enjoyable manner.


Additional information will be covered soon here and in my Blog.




Los Angeles, CA

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